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    How To Root An HTC EVO 4G With HBOOT 2.18.0001


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    How To Root An HTC EVO 4G With HBOOT 2.18.0001 Empty How To Root An HTC EVO 4G With HBOOT 2.18.0001

    Post by Diablo67 Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:20 pm

    After the last OTA a couple of months back, the root method produced no longer worked for the HTC EVO 4G. This left any new EVO 4G owners, or people who got a replacement EVO 4G, without an easy one-click root option.

    Fortunately it does not leave them without the ability to gain root access.

    The steps are as follows:

    1)Get ADB/Fastboot working
    2)Sign up for an account at
    3)Unlock the bootloader via HTCDev's method and choosing "all other supported devices"
    4)Flash a custom recovery
    5)Install the superuser binary
    6)Install superuser from the Market

    I'll go more into detail on each of these below.

    Step 1: Get ADB/Fastboot working

    You can learn some basics of ADB and how to install it here.

    Step 2: Sign up for an account at

    You'll need an account there that is linked to a working email in order to unlock the bootloader. HTC is the manufacturer of your phone, and currently they support unlocking the bootloader, which will enable you to flash custom ROMs.

    Step 3: Unlock the bootloader

    On HTCDev's site you should see an option that says "unlock bootloader." Choose that, and on the pulldown menu on the right choose "all other supported devices" if they haven't put the HTC EVO 4G up by the time you're reading this.

    Follow their step-by-step guide to unlock the bootloader.

    Step 4: Flash a custom recovery

    For the HTC EVO 4G I'm going to suggest using Team Win's TWRP 1.1.1, though feel free to use whichever recovery you want. Download the file named, rename it, and copy it to your SD card in the top level directory.

    If you don't see the ".zip" extension on the file you've downloaded, this probably means your operating system is set to hide the extensions of known file types; that is, t will claim the file name is PC36IMG-twrp-supersonic-1.1.1 and the file type is compressed. If that is the case, rename the file to PC36IMG without the .zip (you would be renaming the file to if you can't see the extension to begin with).

    Using ADB, which you should have working, you can enter the command "ADB reboot bootloader" (without the quotes) and then choose to flash the recovery image you placed on the phone. Or if you don't feel like going the ADB route, you can power off the phone, hold vol-down + power, and it should boot into bootloader and ask if you want to flash the

    If you can't get into the bootloader, you might have to turn off fast boot from your phone. It's generally at home > menu > settings > power or applications > uncheck fast boot.

    Step 5: Install the Superuser binary

    Download the latest superuser binary from Place it in the top level directory of your SD card.

    Reboot into recovery. You can accomplish this by either using the ADB command "ADB reboot recovery" or powering off your phone, then powering on with vol-down + power, then choosing recovery. Note: if the bootloader attempts to flash the recovery again, simply remove the from the root directory or rename it something else.

    In recovery you should be presented with a menu. Find the flash zip option; you can navigate to the file with the vol up or down keys and select it using the power button.

    Flash the superuser binary file you downloaded, then reboot the phone.

    Step 6: Install Superuser from the Market

    Everything is now in place for you to be rooted, so go to the Android Market and install Superuser.

    At this point you are now rooted, your bootloader is unlocked, and you are S-ON. The HTCdev method does not allow you to turn S-OFF, which allows for flashing radios and potentially bricking your phone, but we'll post a "How to obtain S-OFF" piece at some point in the future.

    Should you wish to continue to S-OFF right now, our friend JJsax has a tutorial that will get you there.

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