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    Smurfed Out V 4.5 (Ultimate build.prop/Init.d tweaks) updated 3/11/12


    Does this Script make your phone run faster

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    Smurfed Out V 4.5 (Ultimate build.prop/Init.d tweaks) updated 3/11/12 Bar_left50%Smurfed Out V 4.5 (Ultimate build.prop/Init.d tweaks) updated 3/11/12 Bar_right [50%] 
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    Smurfed Out V 4.5 (Ultimate build.prop/Init.d tweaks) updated 3/11/12 Bar_left50%Smurfed Out V 4.5 (Ultimate build.prop/Init.d tweaks) updated 3/11/12 Bar_right [50%] 

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    Papa Smurf151
    Papa Smurf151

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    Smurfed Out V 4.5 (Ultimate build.prop/Init.d tweaks) updated 3/11/12 Empty Smurfed Out V 4.5 (Ultimate build.prop/Init.d tweaks) updated 3/11/12

    Post by Papa Smurf151 Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:52 am

    Welcome to Smurf Land.......Where all your build.prop woes are whisked away to a magical land where it takes a quick push of a button and all the tweaks that have been discovered to date are applied instantly.


    Alright enough with the cuteness of all this.

    Basically I have written a script that takes all the tweaks used for battery savings and increased speed and responsiveness and writes them to your build.prop all at once.

    The script will search out every line in your build.prop and remove any line that is there that I am adding and remove it first to reduce duplicate codes.

    What if you do not like the tweaks that I added.....well the script creates a back up for you and you can choose the option to Un-Smurf and it will set you back to before you installed.


    [URL=""]zeppelinrox{/URL] for his excellent Scripts and basis which I worked from
    [URL=""]tommytomatoe[/URL] for answering all my ridiculous questions and also the space in which to post my work
    [URL=""]Lpy[/URL] for his loopy smoothness
    [URL=""]eoghan2t7[/URL] for his tutorial on loopy smoothness
    [URL=""]knzo[/URL] for his collection of tweaks
    [URL=""]st@matis[/URL] for his collection of scripts which I pulled some tweaks from
    [URL=""]metalspring[/URL] for his explanation of a lot of tweaks and some build.prop and init.d tweaks
    [URL=""]scottypeterson[/URL] for his ultimatescript
    [URL=""]cwc3[/URL] for his collection of scripts which I borrowed settings from
    [URL=""]tazzz811[/URL] for his thread on some great init.d tweaks

    Each persons name has a link attached to it to show their work and threads which to thank them.

    These Settings are all over the Internet across multiple forums and presented by more than a dozen people. If any setting in here was initially created by you and you did not get credit please PM me with your Info so I can add you to the credits. No work here has been stolen or taken on purpose. If you created or founded any of these setting and do not wish for me to use them then again please PM me and I will remove them as soon as possible. Please do not start a flame war on this thread due to my ignorance. I am just trying to get these settings out to as many people as possible to bring the smoothest experience to Our phones.


    1. Download Smurfed Out script.

    2. Using a file explorer got to /Data/Data and write down the name of your Launcher (I.E. This is important. I put a list within the script of popular ones that you can choose from but off the wall ones will not be in there.

    3. Open up Script Manager found [URL=""]here[/URL] if you don't have it

    4. Scroll Down to the file and click on it. This could Possible be in your downloads folder.

    5. Click on the su key, the skull and crossbones, or run as root depending on which version of script manager you have then click run

    6. Follow instructions on the screen.


    By using this script you acknowledge that it could possible break your phone. In other words don't come running to me when you phone burst into flames and or it leaves you for someone as sexy as it has now become.

    Click here for download
    [URL=""]Smurfed Out V 4.5[/URL]

    Seriously if your coming from a version before 4.0 I Highly recommend Un-Smurfing First

    Optional...If you want to make sure the settings stick....go into your /system/etc/init.d folder with script manager and set the 01smurfed file to run as root and run at boot

    Some say this makes the setting stick others see no no effect.


    Please go to /Data/Data before you use this script and locate the name of your Launcher. It will be in the form of com.something.something or org.something.something. I have listed a few examples of popular launchers in the script that you can use but if your using an off the wall launcher please find the name of it. Also I can add the launcher to the examples if you post it in the thread for me to add.

    ]Change log

    V 4.5

    Added a few more tweaks to the 01Smurfed file
    Added a few more build.prop tweaks
    Hopefully fixed the wifi->3g->wifi issue
    Cleaned up the code a little

    V 4.1

    Changed picture and video settings...camcorder works now
    increased and decreased a few values
    added a huge amount to the init.d file
    removed the minfree values from the init.d (if you want them back I can release one for Gingerbread and one for ICS)

    V 4.0

    Removed some tweaks that were causing issues
    Added in some new tweaks
    Changed a few Settings for better response
    Script now checks to see if your using a local.prop and if so copies settings to it as well
    Now script creates a file in you init.d folder called 01smurfed. This has many new tweaks that will run on every boot
    Comments put into script to explain what exactly is going on
    Credits given in OP

    V 3.3

    Removed some setting that were either not necessary or we causing issues for some
    Added in some new tweaks I figured out
    Fixed 3g not connecting right after turning off WiFi
    Fixed WiFi not connecting sometimes
    Script not wipes dalvik-cache and requires a restart. Restart will take a little longer due to rebuild of dalvik
    I HIGHLY recommend UN-SMURFING before you apply the newest script. I have noticed huge improvements from this last update

    V 3.2

    Added a few more tweaks
    Fixed a typo
    Made sure system was remounted as read/write before settings took place

    V 3.1

    Removed super user check. (Giving errors to some)
    Fixed my bad spelling (lol)

    V 3.0

    Added 10 new edits
    Cleaned up code
    Made sure temp files were being deleted correctly
    Change a number of setting for better tweaking

    V 2.0

    Huge code change. Now with options.
    Now scans and removes duplicate lines

    V 1.0

    Initial release
    Over 30 build.prop edits with more to come.

    Please feel free to post in other forums and other phone sites...all I ask is that if you do please link back here for the download.

    For a detailed list of settings that this script copies to your Build.prop go to /sdcard/Smurfed_Out.html

    This Script can be run after any of your favorite scripts and tweaks. It will search for any line that I am changing and remove it first and then add my settings in its place.

    There is now an Un-Smurf option that removes all changes and returns you to before you installed the script.

    You can still run your favorite v6 or car o dopes settings or any others you find......well for now....on most of those out there...but let's just say I'm working on a massive init.d script that will replace multiple init.d scripts and put them all in one place. All in time all in time

    Future release coming soon....

    1. Adds in as many battery saving, speed, and responsiveness tweaks as I can find throught out many different forums.
    2. removes any other script that is previously installed that may be using same tweaks....if not removing the script itself it will search out each line of each script and remove the lines individually.

    Please leave feedback after you run so others know how well this script works.

    I am actively upgrading this as fast as I can.


    My WiFi or 3G doesn't work or wont switch?
    Go into recovery and wipe dalvik-cache and cache and reboot.
    Check to see if data is enabled in your settings.
    Check to make sure if your using a battery saver app like battery xl or juice defender that is not turning off your radios

    My camcorder isn't working?
    Make sure your using the most recent script. The fix was made available on V 4.1

    Does this script work for other phones?
    Yes in theory it does. Let me know if it works or not and I'll put it in the OP so others know

    I can't get this script to run in script manager?
    Make sure you are opening the script with superuser rights within script manager

    Can I run this in terminal emulator?
    Yes but I don't have the commands handy to tell you the way to do it....Do some homework

    My phone got up and ran away from me?
    Well this can be a problem....On one hand that would mean that this script really works...on the other hand it means your just not cool enough for you phone anymore and it found someone better.

    Just In Case attached is a flashable zip in case of emergency. It has the build.prop of aokp rom in it. If your not running that the zip. open it up. go into the system folder. Replace the build.prop with the build.prop from the that you are running. Put on your sd card. Flash in recovery. I am putting this here cause in the past there were issues with the script causing a freeze after boot and some people had to nand back or reflash their rom. This will fix that. Enjoy.

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    Smurfed Out V 4.5 (Ultimate build.prop/Init.d tweaks) updated 3/11/12 Empty Re: Smurfed Out V 4.5 (Ultimate build.prop/Init.d tweaks) updated 3/11/12

    Post by Diablo67 Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:47 am

    Nice papa,looks good.

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