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    [Stevo's (Sexy and I know It) Stock] 4.67 Sense Rom


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    [Stevo's (Sexy and I know It) Stock] 4.67 Sense Rom Empty [Stevo's (Sexy and I know It) Stock] 4.67 Sense Rom

    Post by stevovanburen Sat Mar 17, 2012 11:14 am

    Do you like sense? Stock? Smooth? Stable? Well this is the rom for you! Very Happy

    The Goodies! Very Happy

    Stock kernel wonderful battery life!

    This Rom is Based off of GB Sense 4.67
    it is zipaligned
    it is Rooted
    it has Busy Box
    as well as Bash support
    and Apps2sd
    plenty of free space after install
    great ram management
    134mb zip file!

    Native Screen shot hold power then press home
    Quick Settings in notification bar
    Advanced power menu
    Other system tweaks
    t animation This rom will NOT wipe, so if you chose to do so do it yourself.

    There will be more tweaks and some lite theme's that come along with time!

    Download Link:

    This rom is stable being based off the latest OTA for the evo, It is smooth, stable, great battery life, tweaked but enough to still be stock! thats why it is sexy and I know it!

    I also want to say a big thank you to the XDA community and its amazing developers who have made this possible, many of you have inspired me, created the amazing tweaks placed in my rom, and with the help of kitchen and xda I was able to put this all together.

    A special thanks to
    Swagstr for the native screen shot instructions
    Ca1ne for the power menu
    Gruesomewolf for the quick settings
    Brad and misery in motion for the latest ota barebone rom
    And all the other amazing developers and inspiration for the Rom

    This will hopefully be the first of many roms to come! I dont mean to sound stingy but if you like my work please donate to my change jar, all my work is being done all on a netbook, multi-booted with ubuntu, and it really complicates things! xD!

    I have personally tested all my work before giving it out to the public and it has worked fine for me, but as many of you know FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK
    I am not responsible for toasted phones!

    Here is the xda thread for some screen shots! Smile

    I hope you enjoy my work!

    Stevo! Very Happy

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