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    Bio-Sense v.1.0


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    Bio-Sense v.1.0 Empty Bio-Sense v.1.0

    Post by Diablo67 Thu Mar 22, 2012 7:35 am

    Bio-Sense v.1.0 Biosenseposter

    Disclaimer:Once you have downloaded this file to your device,i am not responsible for what happens to your phone,if you follow directions i supply,you will have no trouble.

    Install Instructions

    1)Download To Your Desktop
    2)Copy To Your Sd Card
    3)Go To Recovery And Make A Nandroid Of Your Present Rom
    4)Go To Wipe Menu And Wipe,All Data/Factory Reset,Data,Cache,SD Card/.Android_Secure,SD-Ext,System And Delvik Cache
    5)Go To Flash Zip Menu,Then Choose Zip From SD Card
    6)Find And Install,Reboot After Install And Then Your Golden,Enjoy!


    There Are 2 Extra Apps(Blade Buddy & Spare Parts)in System/Data/Apps,use file explorer To Install
    Also I Added 6 Sense 2.1 Themes For You To Use If you Dont Like The Theme Already Made For It

    Whats Inside

    Sense 2.1
    Task Killer
    Init.d Support
    Apps2SD Support
    Beats Audio Hack
    Classic Kernel-SBC v.1(Thanks To Ca1ne)
    Smurfed-Out Tweaks v.5.0(Thanks To Papa Smurf151)
    Custom Clock
    Custom Rosie(Dock)
    2.1 Themes
    Apps added
    OD Tweaks App(Thanks To Outerdepth & Gruesomewolf)


    Themed HTC Clock Widget Apk
    Themed Rosie Apk
    Changed The Default & Setup Wallpapers
    Implemented Ca1nes SBC Stock Kernel v.1.0
    Implemented Papa Smurfs 5.0 Tweaks(init.d and build.prop)
    Implemented Beats Audio Hack(A Small 40% Sound Improvement)
    Added Black Expresso Theme
    Added Carbon Expresso Theme
    Added Acid Rosie Theme
    Added Carbon Fiber Theme
    Added rEVOlution Theme
    Added Slate Theme
    Added Prop Editor v.0.3
    Added No Frills CPU Control v.1.12
    Added Net Speed Optimizer
    Added Init.d support
    Added Apps2SD Support
    Added task Killer Tweak
    Added OD Tweak App
    Zipalligned All Apps

    Updated Channelog

    Honeycomb Lockscreen.smalis Added
    Volume Rocker Added To Phone.smalis
    Depangination Through "Tweaks"Smali Added To Pagedgridview.smali
    Disabled Scrolling CacheIn ABSlistview.smalis
    Switch to change lockscreen added to KeyGuardView.smalis
    Added Slide to clear methods to StatusBar.smalis
    Disabled Signature Verification in PackageManager.smali
    CRT and on/off switch added to PowerManager.smalis
    Added Honey Lock .pngs
    Cleaned it up and optimized it (went from over 6mb to just over 3mb!)
    Added Screenshot Mod

    Things To Still Do

    1)Fix Funky Hex Strings for the discriptive text in the SystemUI
    2)Add landscape Rosie and add "Tweaks" into it
    3)Clear up all languages, and png opt all apps

    Theres An Error When SU Trys To Update Its Binaries,It Is The Latest version.

    Solution:Start up Superuser and go into the preferences.Down near the bottom is Outdated binary notification.Turn it off.

    Thanks To The Following

    Team Revolation
    Papa Smurf151


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    Bio-Sense v.1.0 Empty Re: Bio-Sense v.1.0

    Post by Diablo67 Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:58 pm

    No reason to unzip the file now,just copy to sd card and install.

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